Everything you need to know for tonight’s NBA slate in one place.

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The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Clippers vs. Blazers – The highest o/u on the night is 210. The Clippers got CP3 back last night and he had a good outing. The only thing that worries me about this one is a blowout, but hopefully our elite plays can hit value.

Bulls vs. Warriors – Curry did Curry last night. With an o/u of 208 he has a great chance to do Curry again tonight. Jimmy Butler says he wants to guard Curry, but this shouldn’t affect the MVP’s output tonight.

Lowest Scoring Games

Jazz vs. Mavericks – Did you read the two teams, one of them is the Jazz. The o/u for this one is one of the lowest on the night at 193.

76ers vs. Hornets – My Hornets are speeding up, but they are still only listed at an o/u of 196. It seems like everyone is expecting a blowout in this one, which means that Lin and Lamb are in play.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Suns vs. Nuggets – The Suns are officially the fastest paced team on the night with the Nuggets not following too far behind. The Suns will looked to push the pace and the Nuggets will keep up. This one should be a high scoring contest.

Bulls vs. Warriors – Ok, so you see the Warriors here right. The Warriors are going to move the ball down the court and try to score fast.

Slowest Projected Games

Rockets vs. Grizzlies – The Rockets are usually one of the faster paced teams in the league. However, the Griz are good about controlling pace and will look to shut down the Harden show tonight. This one should be slower than expected

Jazz vs. Mavericks – Jazz, that is all.

Defense vs. Position


Best PG Matchups

Tony Parker vs. Jrue Holiday – Honestly I like Parker and Patty Mills tonight. Both of the Spurs guards should get ample run against the worst team against PGs in the league. Fire them up!

Worst PG Matchups

The Celtic Guards vs. Jarrett Jack – The Celtics are great against PG’s. Jack has been a contributor for the Nets, but he will have all he can handle tonight.


Best SG Matchups

Eric Bledsoe vs. Will Barton- Bledsoe and Knight are the two scorers for the Suns. The Nuggets are terrible against guards and Bledsoe has a great chance at lighting the scoreboard up tonight.

Worst SG Matchups

Eric Gordon vs. Danny Green – The Spurs lock down the SG position. Gordon has been a big part of the offense, but with the Brow returning his opportunity will go down.


Best SF Matchups

Jeff Green vs. Trevor Ariza – Minutes and the start for Green, this means opportunity. The Rockets are terrible against the SF spot. Green has a great shot to hit value tonight.

Worst SF Matchups%

Gordon Hayward vs. Chandler Parsons Hayward had a 42 fantasy point explosion versus Miami a couple of games ago. The Mavs are ranked number 1 against opposing SFs. I like his counterpart Derrick Favors better.


Best PF Matchups

Nerlens Noel vs. Marvin Williams – My Hornets are terrible against opposing PF’s, ranked 30th in the league. Noel has the the ability to score and get rebounds. He should have a great opportunity to hit value.

Worst PF Matchups

Anthony Davis vs. LaMarcus Aldridge – Both of these guys are elite PF’s, but Brow should be the most elite fantasy asset in the league. However, he is coming off of injury and LMA has been playing great defense. This one scares me a bit.


Best C Matchups

Jonas Valuncianas vs. Roy Hibbert – Jonas has been up and down this year. He will have a 27 point fantasy outing and then a 10 point fantasy outing. Tonight he gets the Lakers, which means we always insert bigs against the Lakers. I have no choice but to play him tonight.

Worst C Matchups

Karl Anthony-Towns vs. Andre Drummond – Drummond is the best young (you see young Marc Gasol) defensive center in the league. Towns has been good, hitting value in most of his outings this year, but he is no match for Drummond.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Russell Westbrook ($12,300) – Westbrook against the Knicks (the same Knicks that are terrible against PGs). Kevin Durant will sit and should be able to return on Saturday. With Durant out the offense runs through Westy. Westy has the ability to post a huge line tonight.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Jeff Green ($3,900) – Green has been getting the start and the minutes for the Griz. He has a great matchup tonight and is close to minimum priced. Green makes for a great tournament play.

Dud of the Night

Anthony Davis ($10,700) – Oh the Brow, how I wish I could trust you. The Brow gets a tough matchup tonight against the Spurs, but more importantly I am worried about injury. I know in this game you have to put injuries behind you quickly, but the Brow cost me during his last outing and it will take me a while to hop back on the train.