The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Celtics vs. Thunders – On a short Sunday slate, a 210.5 o/u is very attractive. It’s also attractive when KD is out. This probably means that Westbrook will score 210.5 points by himself. Look for this one to be quick and high scoring.

Lowest Scoring Games

Jazz vs. Hawks – Here is the magic word, Jazz. Remember whenever you see Jazz you think low scoring. With an o/u of 192 and Teague sitting out. This should be very slow and will provide more defensive value.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Pistons vs. Lakers – The Lakers are top 10 in the Hollinger Pace ratings. The Pistons are 24th, but the Lakers will be trying to control the tempo in this one. Look for the Lakers to try to push the ball and keep it out of Drummond’s hands.

Slowest Projected Games

Jazz vs. Hawks – I am just going to leave this right here….Jazz!

%{color:#FF6C00}*Defense vs. Position

Best PG Matchups

Russell Westbrook vs. Anybody – This one doesn’t even need the matchup. Kevin Durant is out and Westbrook is coming off of two double-doubles. Insert Russell Westbrook everywhere.

Worst PG Matchups

Dennis Schroder vs. Trey Burke – This one is solely based on matchup. The Jazz are great against opposing PG’s, and the Hawks will be rolling out the 2nd Stringer. However, Schroder still has a great opportunity to reach value by usage alone.

Best SG Matchups

Demar Derozan vs. Marco Bellinelli – The Kings aren’t very good against the SG position and Derozan is one of the elite. I love this matchup tonight in what should be a high scoring game.

Worst SG Matchups

Kyle Korver vs. Alec Burks – Rodney Hood is questionable so Burks should get another start. The Jazz are great against the SG spot as well. Burks will be looking to shut down the Hawks tonight.

Best SF Matchups

Marcus Morris vs. The Lakers starter – The Lakers are giving up over 40 FPs to the SF spot. Morris has come into his own in Detroit, look for him to try and light it up against the Lakers.

Worst SF Matchups

Gordon Hayward vs. Thabo Sefolosha – Sefolosha was a great defender in OKC. He is still a great defender for the Hawks. Hayward has been trying to light it up, but he should have a tough go tonight.

Best PF Matchups

Luis Scola vs. Willie Cauley-Stein – Scola has been a great value pick this year. He gets a great matchup with the 24th ranked team against the PF tonight. He has a good shot at hitting value.

Worst PF Matchups

Paul Millsap vs. Derrick Favors- Favors is a great defender and gets a great matchup tonight. Millsap is great, but I love watching Favors play defense and I love this one.

Best C Matchups

Andre Drummond vs. The Lakers Big Men – Fire up a big man versus the Lakers, that is all.

Worst C Matchups

Jonas Valanciunas vs. DeMarcus Cousins – Jonas will have a good name every now and then. However, tonight he gets Boogie, this is a matchup nobody wants.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Demarcus Cousins (10,200) – Boogie is crushing and put up over 60 FPs the last game. I have been rolling out a Rondo/Boogie stack when possible. This Sacramento team has been turning up the heat and Boogie will look to stomp out the Raptors tonight.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Dennis Schroder (4,300) – Teague will be sitting tonight so Schroder will get the start. Utah has been great against opposing PG’s, but Schroder’s price and usage rate is definitely attractive. I love his opportunity to reach value tonight.

Dud of the Night

Al Horford (7,100) – Horford is a great Center, but he will have a tough matchup tonight. I think that Horford has an opportunity to reach value, but I think there are better options at Center. In a low scoring game that should be low paced, I think I will stay away tonight.