The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Mavericks vs. Rockets – When you looking for scoring, always search the o/u’s for Rockets or Warriors. This game should produce the highest scoring on the night at 212. With Superman slated to sit tonight look for a lot of Harden and a sprinkle of…..Marcus Thornton?

Nuggets vs. Suns- We all know that the Suns like to push the floor. The Nuggets are no different and a 209.5 o/u proves this. I love the combo guards in this one and will have a lot of exposure.

Lowest Scoring Games

Cavaliers vs. Bucks – Yes, the Jazz aren’t playing. That means that the lowest total tonight comes from the Cavs and Bucks at 197. Both of these teams have the ability to score, but for the Cavs it comes down to the 1 on 5 game, Lebron versus the Bucks.

76ers vs. Spurs – A Pop game at a o/u in the 190’s, no surprise there. With a 198 o/u the Spurs should control this game from the outset. Brett Brown, the 76ers head coach said this week that he was going to move away from pace and space and play a post style of ball in Philly. Play with what you have Brett, two of the best young post players in the league.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Nets vs. Warriors – The Warriors have a pace rating of 103.7 and seem to always set the tone in games. Look for Curry to do Curry tonight and this one to be extremely fast.

Magic vs. Wizards – The Wizards are presently the fastest paced team in the NBA. John Wall captains the ship and he likes to move the ball down the court. A lot of the pace tonight will depend on Beal’s status and if he plays or not.

Slowest Projected Games

Pistons vs. Clippers – If CP3 was playing this wouldn’t even be close to a slow paced game. Unfortunately, CP3 will probably sit this one out and we will get a lot of the Blake/Drummond show. This one should be a big man extravaganza.

Cavaliers vs. Bucks – The Bucks are the slowest paced team on the night at a blazing 95.1. They will get a lot of LBJ tonight and this game should be relatively slow.

Defense vs. Position


Best PG Matchups

Brandon Knight vs. Emmanuel Mudiay – The Nuggets are dead last against opposing PG’s. The offense runs through Knight and Bledsoe in Phoenix. This one could get ugly for the rookie quick.

Worst PG Matchups

Michael Carter-Williams vs. Mo Williams – MCW is coming off of the injury list and will probably suit up tonight. Unfortunately, he will get a dose of Mo and Delly tonight. The Cavs are the top ranked team against opposing PG’s tonight.


Best SG Matchups

Eric Bledsoe vs. Gary Harris/Will Barton – Catching a theme here? The Nuggets couldn’t guard me! Two of the top scorers for the opposing team are slotted in the PG and SG spot, fire them both.

Worst SG Matchups

Nik Stauskas vs. Danny Green – The Spurs shut down opposing SG’s and are ranked number 1 in the NBA doing it. Sauce Castillo is mediocre at best, I think there are definitely better options.


Best SF Matchups

Evan Fournier vs. Otto Porter – Otto has worked on his offense, but he can’t guard anybody. Evan has been surprisingly great this year and with Oladipo out a lot of the offense should run through him. Fire him at will.

Worst SF Matchups

Joe Johnson vs. Harrison Barnes/Andre Iguodala – The Warriors shut down opposing SF’s. Joe Johnson has turned up his game over the last 4, but tonight should be a different story.


Best PF Matchups

LaMarcus Aldridge vs. Nerlens Noel – Noel is back from injury, but that doesn’t help the defense tonight. LMA could put up 100 FPs tonight if Pop would let him. This probably won’t be likely, but the matchup is still nice.

Worst PF Matchups

Draymond Green vs. Thaddeus Young – I like Thad Young as a player a lot. He is a stretch 4 and very athletic for a post guy. He is also a great defensive player and will look to shut down the defensive minded Green tonight.


Best C Matchups

Tyson Chandler vs. The Denver Nuggets – Listen to me, fire up the post players versus the Nuggets. Heck, fire up everybody versus the Nuggets.

Worst C Matchups

Jahlil Okafor vs. San Antonio Spurs – Jahlil is off to a great start to his career, but he gets a tough matchup tonight against the Spurs. They’ve been one of the better teams against the C position this year.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Stephen Curry ($10,700) – Every time this guy plays I hope you are watching. Steph had 20 FPs in the first quarter against Minnesota and will look to replicate that tonight. The MVP is still the MVP.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Clint Capela ($4,800) – Dwight Howard will probably sit tonight. This means fire Clint Capela. He spots up nicely to possibly reach value and has the ability to be a nice play for a low price.

Dud of the Night

Bradley Beal ($6,900)/Markieff Morris ($5,800) – Injuries are all over the board tonight. Beal and Morris are both questionable. Make sure that you check injuries tonight before lock and also make sure you have a late switch back up plan if you slot in one of these two.