Game Flow Notes

Vegas Lines

HIGH O/U Kings vs. Thunder – I am just going to throw a number out here…227.5. Yes, you read that right! The total in this one is 227.5 and this game should provide a lot of scoring. I like a big dose of KD and Westy for the Thunder. On the opposite side of the ball Boogie Cousins is the play with a sprinkle of Rondo.

LOW O/ULakers vs. Pistons – I say this as nicely as possible, the Lakers are terrible. The o/u in this game is 197 and should be really low scoring. The Pistons have solidified themselves as a low scoring team. Out of all the guys playing tonight I love a Jackson Drummond mini stack.

Pace of Play

NBA Cheat Sheet 12.6 Pace

HIGH PACEMavericks vs. Wizards – This is the 2nd fastest projected game tonight, with a pace of 102.1. The Wizards will look to push the ball up and down the court with their great dual guards, Wall and Beal. This matchup should be a lot closer than the Kings/Thunder game, so the pace may actually be better here.

LOW PACELakers vs. Pistons – This is depressing, but there is no game slower on the night than the Lakers/Pistons. With only one game projected under 100 it just so happens to be the Lakers.

Defense vs. Position

NBA Cheat Sheet 12.6 DvP

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Point Guard Matchups

TARGETReggie Jackson vs. D’Angelo Russell – Congratulations Lakers, you are terrible against point guards. Reggie has recently turned it on and had a 50+ DK performance the other night. Run out Reggie even in a lower scoring game.

AVOIDDeron Williams vs. John Wall- Wall and the Wizards have started playing defense. They are now ranked 10th in the league against opposing PGs. Williams has been a decent value play, but will have more than he can handle tonight.

Shooting Guard Matchups

TARGETBradley Beal vs. Wes Matthews – The Mavericks are actually very good against SGs. However, the key in this one is the usage that Beal will have in the game. Beal is projected as the highest SG tonight and has a great chance at exceeding value tonight.

AVOIDJoe Johnson vs. Klay Matthews –The Warriors have surprisingly upped their game against SGs. They are now ranked 7th against opposing SGs. Joe Johnson is old, enough said.

Small Forward Matchups

TARGET Chandler Parsons vs. Otto Porter – Otto and the Wizards can’t guard a SF. Chandler has been getting over 25 minutes and should see more of the same today. I think he has a great shot at hitting value today.

AVOIDKobe Bryant vs. Marcus Morris- Kobe has found him a nice spot on the 3 point line as of late. Morris and the Pistons are ranked 3rd against opposing SFs. Take the retiree at your own risk.

Power Forward Matchups

TARGETSerge Ibaka vs. Omri Casspi – Casspi is at best a stretch 4. Ibaka could be the contrarian play that helps you win your league tonight. Everybody should be on KD and Westy, but Ibaka comes in with a great matchup.

AVOIDDraymond Green vs. Thad Young – The Nets shape up us the best team against the PF in the league. Draymond is a great defender himself, but most of the scoring will probably come from the guards tonight.

Center Matchups

TARGETAndre Drummond vs. The Lakers Bigs – I am just going to leave this right here. We all know about the Lakers and their post play.

AVOID Wizards Starter vs. Zaza Pachulia – The Wizards had approximately no big men last game. They played a lot of small ball. Whoever gets the start tonight will have all they can handle against Zaza.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Russell Westbrook (10,400) – Westy has a great matchup tonight and is projected well over 50 fantasy points. Between him and KD the usage rate is insane. Run him out tonight.

Save Big Bucks by Drafting

Chandler Parsons (4,100) – Great matchup, great price, and finally over 25 minutes…yes please!

Dud of the Night

The Washington Bigs- Who knows who starts tonight. Pay attention to lineup and injury news for updates.