Pollard marks the second former NBA star to appear on Survivor after Cliff Robinson who competed on Survivor: Cagayan last year, Pollard will be hoping to achieve better than 14th place. With his professional sports career it seems more than likely that Pollard will be a part of the Brawn tribe, however this is unconfirmed as of this moment.


Yep that guy who told kids to do drugs and had some of the weirdest hair ever? He’s gonna be on television every week baby! I have zero clue how Survivor is still on the air but Pollard is actually a fascinating draw for the show. Doesn’t care what people think, never afraid to speak his mind, thinks controversial statements are hilarious…essentially he’s going to be the absolute WORST human possible to share an island with.



And let me ask you..Does this look like the face of a man who will get naked immediately and shake it while he walks?











Uh that is a RESOUNDING yes.

Godspeed Brawn Tribe