Spike Lee has his fingerprints all over NBA 2k16. Among other things, he’s written a storyline for the My Player mode… mainly so everyone can have their own “He Got Game” Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Book. Here Spike narrates a vignette for one of the cover boys, NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry. Despite having an All-Star pedigree and silky stroke since Day 1, for some reason Steph has been somewhat of an underdog his entire career.

A few years ago people didn’t even think his ankles would survive the Association and now he’s arguably the most popular player in the League. So popular in fact that 2k Sports made sure his signature Free Throw ritual made it in the game..





Anyone gaming with Chef Curry better hope that mouthguard stays chewed out! It’s the cooks secret recipe..


(WSJ) – Now here’s something to chew on: Curry has a higher free-throw percentage when his mouthguard is out of his mouth than when it’s in his mouth. According to The Count’s video review of his 337 free throws this season, Curry shot 89.5% with his mouthguard visibly in his mouth, but he shot 92.5% when the mouthguard was out of his mouth.