Bigtime game for the Lakers last night against Minnesota. Btw what a sentence that is huh? But seriously it was a literal changing of the guard in La La Land. In the 4th quarter of a tight game Kobe Bryant actually told Coach Byron Scott to keep the young guns in. Truly something I never thought I’d see (or want to see) Kobe do. Old Man Bean needs to use that wisdom more often because it was a move that really worked out for the Lakers.

Game-tying shot from the backcourt of the future and an Overtime win that should help LA build some much needed momentum. Wait…. I’m now being told the Lakers did NOT win in OT and in fact lost in the most miserable way possible. Roy Hibbert Game-Winners FTW!!!

(play with sound on for maximum misery)

There is NO spin zone for that, just simply awful. At least Russell is getting his chance to huck up contested end of game jumpers just like his favorite mentor. Who knows, by this time next year maybe some kid will be getting D-Loading shaved into his head.

That’s how you know you’ve made it. I think?