Little bit of Magic, some MJ, Ray-Ray, and the Bean’s Big 3 carving out their places in NBA History. All time legends to ever play the game in matchups that are straight out of a movie script. Luckily we don’t have to wait for history this year… it’s already a David Stern wetdream. Sure it’s not the Lakers vs. the Lakers but last night proved the Cavs vs. Warriors will be a very entertaining series. (Even if it is only for 4 games)

Speaking of bad omens for Cleveland…

Flair did say “if you wanna be the man you gotta beat the man” and won a lot of titles in his career. Maybe that’s a guy you want in your corner. But also




So probably not. One person you do want on your team? RILEY CURRY EVERY DAMN DAY. YOU GO GIRL!!!    




Steph is also happy having AI aka Andy Iggy back from the dead. What a night to resurrect a career and get Oracle HYPHY. Oh and he held Lebron to

4-14 shooting




Sometimes you gotta ghost ride da shoe and knock down a 3 anyway



Iman Shumpert nearly won the game at the buzzer but needed the San Andreas fault to shake just a little. It didn’t    




Speaking of buzzing…what the hell was Iman doing here? Seeing San Andreas really did turn his mind to applesauce



Timothy Mozgov was the best Cav on the floor outside of the King and finally got over his Blake Griffin nightmares. It feels good to be the one dunking doesn’t it Timmy!    




 But lets not ever EVER forget


nba_g_griffin_200 Blake_Griffin_incredible_dunk_over_Timofey_Mozgov    


And unfortunately Kyrie Irving RIP. Bad luck but also uhh isn’t he always hurt? Uncle Drew has healthier knees than this cat  



If you need to ice up son get back to Cleveland the folks can help you out  



The only thing more desperate than Cleveland is the outfits their players wear to postgame interviews. But as always Lil B is here to save the day. Thank you Based God!  



Cleveland…the fire rises :)