The Grizzlies have been destroying the Blazers, not only in their first-round series, but this entire season. Memphis will be looking for the sweep in Portland on Monday night, which would also mean an 8-0 overall record against Rip City this season.

The only downside the Grizz will have to deal with during the domination is Mike Conley’s Game 3 injury.

Turns out it’s somewhat of a serious injury for Conley.
Obviously, Conley is going to miss Game 4 of the Blazers series on Monday. But after that, the timetable of his recovery is wide open. Memphis will probably still be able to get through Portland without Conley if they have to (otherwise they’d be the first NBA team ever to collapse from a 3-0 lead), but there’s some talk that he’ll attempt to do what Russell Westbrook did this season — miss just one game with a facial fracture.

Westbrook showed us it’s entirely possible. Not to put any pressure on Conley, but Russ came back four days after his surgery and dropped a career-high 49 points in a triple-double effort to go along with 16 boards and 10 assists.

Assuming Memphis moves on, Conley is going to be a key piece to the Grizzlies chances against the Warriors in the next round. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol will be the big focus, but with Steph Curry on the other side, Conley is going to have to play, and play well, to give his team a shot.
We’re not going to know for sure for a couple of days, but from the way most people around the league feel (assuming he has a smooth 48 hours), we’re going to see Conley tough this out and get back on the floor in a game or two — especially if the Grizzlies complete the sweep.

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