Everyone loves ‘The Kiss Cam’ because there’s always a chance they pick a couple who are either brother/sister, friends, or not romantically-involved. Even better: sometimes they find a couple on a first date and they aren’t quite ready to show each other affection yet BUT YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE NOW BECAUSE THIS IS KISS CAM.


The Memphis Grizzlies are attempting their own version of the famous TV timeout entertainment program, however, theirs involves dancing. Not just any dancing … ‘The Dab’! Yes, the dance that has unmercifully been shoved down your throat for the last three months.

But, before you X out of this window because you’ve seen enough of ‘The Dab’ … this wins. This wins everything. Watch this video of ‘The Dab Cam’ from last night’s Grizz/Bucks game and try not to laugh — I dare you…