There’s just something about the plastic facemask.

It would go with my suit. Think about it. Walk into a meeting. Tasseled loafers. Blue pinstripe suit. College tie. Crisp fresh white shirt. Plastic face mask.

Is there such a think as fantasy office sports? I remember Terry the Office Linebacker.

I speak plainly of Russell Westbrook’s face mask and the fact that put up serious numbers last night. He’s likely to do the same again. Like every night.

This brings to mind another famous masked man of the hardwood, Richard “Rip” Hamilton. Originally, Hamilton was prescribed the clear plastic mask after suffering a couple of broken noses during the 2003-2004 season.  I remember the novelty of the mask and how strange it appeared to me as a fan. Then the mystique began to germinate. The mask became an icon and Hamilton continued to wear as his game actually improved when he wore it. The mask actually began to generate publicity. So much that it actually made its way into video games; check out screenshots of NBA 2K11 if you doubt me.

Will Westbrook keep the mask after the injury heals? I don’t know, but if his game gets any better or highlights like his recent coast-to-coast dunk keep coming..well, granted it was against the Sixers, but that’s still a monster play. Give that masked man a round of applause and hand out face masks at the next home game. Because the Thunder need it. They are fighting for playoff position and lacked consistency with Durant having an injury plagued season so far.

I reserve the right to make Phantom of the Opera jokes in the very near future.
I reserve the right to make Phantom of the Opera jokes in the very near future.

Hey, the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it stirs in my brain. But in this case, Westbrook don’t break anything else, please…just wear the mask and if the Rip Hamilton effect happens, your team could use it – and so could my daily fantasy leagues.

As for the facemask, maybe it ups anyone’s game. Maybe it is magic. Rip? Westbrook? Can I borrow yours for some independent testing? Could I use it for a looming client meeting? And somebody hook me up with Terry the Office Linebacker’s email. I might need him at my office.

Till next time, “let the wookie win” and follow me @deepdfspicks.