Well tell us how you really feel Dallas! Last night (hopefully) ended the DeAndre Jordan-Mark Cuban saga although I’m guessing it’s really just getting started. Yep we are looking at YEARS of the Clippers visiting Dallas and always having this petty silliness brought up.

Hopefully at least Mavs fans will keep bringing the noise with their sick burns, dunno how DJ made it out of the building alive after getting scorched by these flamethrowers..



And that was BEFORE the game… When it finally tipped off things didn’t get much better for DeAndre though. Prepare to be humiliated on cable television dude!

(via a handful of Boo’s and Dirty Dirk aka Swish41)


Dallas HATES DeAndre

DJ’s almost teammate Wes Matthews feeding the Big German (oh what could have been!)

Dirk nails another 3 right in DJ’s grill

Dirk hit about a million 3’s last night

Including the Bank 3 with a minute left to seal the win


The Mavericks could lose out the rest of the year and probably still be content with their 2015 season. I wish they would’ve sent DeAndre to the free throw line literally 80 times but credit to them for winning their Superbowl and to Dirty Dirk for having a truly throwback performance. Haven’t seen something that pretty since Apple updated the Emoji keyboard fam!

Oh speaking of which…