Did you think the Deandre Jordan Saga was over? HAH. It’s just getting started Fam! Bad blood is sure to carry over into the NBA season but until then there’s still plenty of drama to satisfy everybody.

Seriously when can we line up the Mark Cuban VS. Chris Broussard Celebrity Deathmatch? Need it in the worst way..  



During the night DJ signed with the Clippers, Chris Broussard was firing what seemed to be on point haymakers all about Cuban frantically begging for Deandre’s Houston address. In the few days since Broussard STILL has refused to back down from his





This morning Cuban sent out this message totally not meant to be screenshotted but kids are so crazy these days..





Although he didn’t seem to be too stressed out last night..




At High Noon today, Chris Broussard finally and pathetically waved his white flag..




    So when your job is to report things, REAL things, and you continually get every fact wrong/make them all up; how do you get to keep reporting? Leadership skills really can take you anywhere I guess, teach me your ways Chuck!  



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