Remember Manute Bol?


He, along with Gheorghe Mureșan, are to this day: the two tallest players in NBA history — standing at an unfathomable 7’7″.


It seems like everyday we’re seeing some famous NBA player’s child go off in some AAU game somewhere, but, this time it’s different. Manute’s son is an absolute BEAST. Standing 6’11” tall AT THE AGE OF 15, it is safe to say Bol Bol has all the physical tools to be the next Kevin Durant — freakish height, athleticism, ball-handling skills of a point guard, and a jump shot that literally cannot be guarded, ALREADY, by anyone who doesn’t possess a 9-foot wingspan.

No joke, if this video is any indication: this kid is the real-life version of one of those NBA2K create-a-players where you insert a cheat code to make him the maximum height and still have enough credits to attribute him 99 dribbling/shooting/speed/shot-blocking etc.

The hype is real, ya’ll. Bol Bol is already ranked by ESPN as a 5-star recruit, and the No. 19 overall player of the 2018 class. Again, this kid is 15 friggin’ years old — which (likely) means that he is GOING TO KEEP GROWING. Can you imagine the havoc a Manute Bol clone who could shoot 3s and dribble with the ferocity of Russell Westbrook could reek in college/on the NBA?

Basketball’s next superstar? Stay tuned…