Really, Brooklyn? This is what your arena looks like during the starting lineups of you’re playoff home opener? Ok … This was an early Saturday afternoon game, so maybe they were just showing up right at tipoff?
Nah, guess that wasn’t the case either. Not much playoff fever going on in BK.

This is embarrassing for everyone. For the Nets organization, for the fans and even for the players on the floor who are just like, “Um, where the hell is everyone?”

The crazy part is that the Nets won this game over the top seeded Hawks, 91-83. The home team, without a home crowd, beat a team 22 wins better than them in the regular season, and their fans seemingly couldn’t have cared less. It doesn’t look like ticket prices were too steep …

The good news for Brooklyn is that they get another shot on Monday night. Two series in the east were sweeps that are over with. Another one that looked like it was going to be a sweep could end tonight in Chicago. And yet, the Nets have a chance to tie their series as the eight-seed and go back to Atlanta 2-2. I guess if that doesn’t mean anything to Brooklyn fans then it shouldn’t mean anything to us.

We’ll see if their fans care enough to show up on Monday.

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