(ESPN) – James said Wednesday  “They are two of the best ball handlers that this league has ever seen, their ability to make shots off the handle, Steph’s ability to use his handle to get off shots, those step-backs and Kyrie’s ability to be crafty, use his ability to get into the lane and make shots. When you have a handle like that, you can pretty much get any shot you want, and they both show you that. With their speed, their change of pace, their ballhandling, and then their ability to shoot the ball. They can absolutely just shoot the rock.”

Irving said that for years he’s studied the dribbling moves of great players who came before him and then tried to mimic the moves during practice. To this day, he will look at YouTube videos of younger players and see what he can learn.

“It takes good hand-eye coordination, creativity and to be able to have an imagination about what moves you want to try,” Curry said.


Even more impressive than their dribbling ability is the way Kyrie and Steph have carved out a new position in the NBA. It’s a melting pot of a point/scoring/shooting/power guard. Essentially they do everything but no one can figure out what to call them. Chef Curry MVP is the more complete player but both have changed how small guards are treated in the NBA. Kyrie is like Iverson with 3 point range. Handles like you read about and the shiftiness to drive the lane whenever he damn please. And passing to teammates is kind of a chore. He lives in the shadows between PG and SG…guess he’d be called a scoring guard? No one really knows

Despite winning MVP I still think Steph hasn’t gotten the full credit he deserves. He does EVERYTHING yet still has a repuation for not being a pure passer or effective defender. All the first glance judgments throw him in the shadows with Kyrie but unlike Kyrie he IS a legitiamate point guard. Just so happens that he can also score 50 any given night. He’s like Steve Nash with a defensive backbone and an actual back that works. Clearly his handles are the root of his success and the scary thing is he’s still improving. After Steph wins a ring next week and averages 30 points/11 assists next year, I imagine coaches across the country will have everyone doing the Chef warmup. Just add a pinch of imagination and voila you can be a MVP too!