Lebron James absolutely despises subtlety huh? Never seen a guy who loves walking on stages of fire more. Usually that’s something people may experience once in a lifetime. Lebron gets a fire stage wherever he pleases even if it’s all the way over in the freakin’ Philliphines.

LBJ was there as a global ambassador for a Nike Rise showcase… basically the 12 best ballers of the area (Philliphines=HOTBED) come out to let their skills fly high. Maybe even get to impress King James himself?? Gotta give him credit.. he may have arrived in the most lavish way possible but he really did pay attention to the little people of the country…





Classy move by the King and must be a huge inspiration for the entire area likely lacking a lot of basketball talent. I feel so bad now. After seeing that fire stage I just assumed Lebron would be coming out and making it all about himself. I was SO wrong..

Hahaha he’d probably sub himself in during the middle of a game and refuse to do anything except viciously dunk on all those under-6 ft-fools. Make it a test run for how Space Jam 2 would look. He’s way too mature for that now though so don’t worry about it OH GOD NO HE’S DOING IT









It was a good run Philliphines it really was. Made it 10 whole minutes without Lebron making it all about himself. That’s a NEW World Record I don’t see ever getting broken. At least jumping looks cool in any country doe..
























Can’t give Lebron too much of a hard time though. Obviously the whole crowd was itching to see him do King things all night/their entire lives so he had to oblige. Plus, he did teach them an incredibly valuable lesson about NBA defensive fundamentals..







PS: Actually the funniest video I’ve watched all week. LOL LBJ