(Cleveland) – James will take a wait-and-see approach while the Cavaliers tend to their housekeeping matters, league sources told Northeast Ohio Media Group. The belief is James wants to observe how management goes about retaining and accumulating assets keep the organization in win-now mode and improve the roster. The chance of James bolting the city of Cleveland for a second time is slim, but his approach will allow him to assess the Cavaliers’ moves before re-signing.


It would be THE most hilarious storyline in NBA/World history if Lebron spurns every citizen of Cleveland and crushes their souls for a second time. Likely he’ll stay and try to wrap up his hometown Hollywood story… but you never know. Until then, he’ll be starring in actual Hollywood movies starting with Judd Apatow’s comedy “Trainwreck” coming out July 17th.

One of the primary love interests in the movie is an elite sports physician who also happens to be BFF’s with #1 client Mr. James. Whether you’re an LBJ H8ER or not, hard to deny that he kills it in these clips. Everything I’ve heard says it’s Apatow’s best movie since “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and with other bigtime cameos like John Cena there’s a good chance it really delivers. Plus it’s never not funny to hear people compare living in Miami vs. Cleveland. Endless LOL’s