What we saw last night is only the beginning of what’s soon to be a reality come next NBA season.

The USA men’s basketball team routed the Chinese national team by a score of 107-57 in an exhibition in preparation for the Rio games played at Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors. For Kevin Durant, the newest Warrior, it was a homecoming of sorts and he showed that he’ll have no problem fitting in with the team.

Though Team USA has two other Warriors, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson, and a former Warrior in Harrison Barnes, it was Durant who received perhaps the loudest ovation of the evening.

He even got to meet up with his new teammate, Stephen Curry, during warm-ups.

And signed some autographs for those welcoming him to his first “home game” in the Bay area.

But come game-time, Durant truly introduced himself to his new fanbase in the only way he could: scoring the game’s first bucket.

And if that wasn’t enough, Durant truly showed that he’s ready to be a Warrior…

Did that look familiar?

That’s right, Durant’s already feeling like a Warrior and celebrating three-pointers before they even go in. It’s well documented that the Warriors, especially during last season’s record-setting campaign, have an affinity for some early celebration – regardless of whether they fall or not. It’s his first time on a new team, so it’s just like the first day of school, and Kevin Durant is just trying to fit in.

He’s officially a Warrior.