You read that correctly: the legendary villain of the hated Los Angeles Lakers had his name chanted throughout the TD Garden on Wednesday as the massive underdogs upset the Celtics.

Kobe Bryant hit a massive, all-but-game-ending three-pointer from off the TV screen late in the 4Q:

And then “KO-BE, KO-BE, KO-BE!!!!!” rained down from the rafters like it was the NBA’s version of the chorus to ‘Journey- Don’t Stop Believing’ — no matter who you root for or how hard you try, you can’t help but NOT join in…

It was a pretty awesome moment — and an emotional Kobe knew it as he waved goodbye to the rival crowd for the final time:

P.S. It was friggin’ LIT in the TWCSN studio after the game — James Worthy out here celebrating the Lakers’ 6th win like it was an NBA Championship