As you know by now, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement at season’s end before last night’s home game vs. the Indiana Pacers.

As for the game: THERE WAS ACTUAL DRAMA! Something void from just about every other Lakers game this season. After hitting a monster three to pull them within one, Kobe had a chance to force overtime with a last-second heave — but….

SMH who left the door open? Lakers lose.

About 15 minutes later, Kobe was at the podium for one of the more anticipated press conferences in NBA history — and it was nothing short of epic…

“I just accepted the fact that I dont want to do this anymore…” – Kobe on basketball & his retirement

“I’m playing like sh*t”


“I would never play anywhere else … this is home.”


And last but not least… the best of all: Kobe to a player on the Blazers: “If you were born before me, you cant talk trash…” The player replied: “Yessir.”

Love him or hate him: moments like this are a resounding reminder that the NBA is better when Kobe is in it. God speed, Mamba, we’ll miss you.

P.S. And for any ‘Game of Thrones’ fans out there: it may be time to put Kobe out of his 2015 shooting misery “For the Watch…”