If we’re speaking in terms of 2015-2016 alone, Draymond Green is a perennial superstar and Kobe Bryant is nothing more than a feeble old man enjoying his last days of existence. However, as we all know, Kobe is a legend — both on and off the court. He is of such legend status that even the obnoxiously-prideful MVP Candidate Draymond Green went out of his way, after the Warriors 18-point victory vs. the Lakers on Thursday night, to secure a pair of Kobe’s shoes so that he could cherish them.

You can see him paying his respects and dap’ing Kobe up here with a faint hint he’s asking about getting his kicks

And the result:

Kobe even signed em!

If Soccer is your favorite sport and/or you’re new to the NBA, this is the basketball equivalent of trading jerseys after a match. The ultimate sign of respect. Props to Kobe for fulfilling this request after a blowout defeat. Take care of those things, Draymond, you may have millions of dollars in the bank but you’re one of the only people now with a pair of signed, game-worn Kobe XIs — the Holy Grail of modern day basketball shoes.