Welcome back to the daily DraftKings picks where we try to get super rich playing daily fantasy basketball. As usual I’ll do a brief recap of my lineups from the night before then throw out some picks that I’m brainstorming for tonight, and hopefully get some good feedback/tips/picks from you guys on Twitter @kmarkobarstool.

Wednesday night baby, no better slate. Let’s take a quick look at last night and jump into the plays for tonight:

KMarko 1

Not a great showing – 266 points just not gonna get it done. No snowflakes on the lineup, lot of flames, but not enough big time performances to get separation in a GPP.

My blog guys, LeBron and Bledsoe, both underperformed relative to what I expected from them. Covington has been a no-brainer play lately, but half the field owns him. I was real happy with 2 of my value play picks – Dieng and Nicholson both did well for super cheap. Problem is, when you hit on those value guys, you need to supplement them with the big 60-70 point scoring studs, which I failed to do.

Tonight’s a new night, that’s the motto, and one I’ve been having to use wayyy too much this season in these NBA games.



Got 4 guys in the Superstar Tier tonight: Davis, Curry, Harden and Paul George, in order of price. My gun-to-head rankings: 1) Davis I think is the premier play of the night with a great matchup and coming off two 61 point games. 2) Harden also has a great matchup and is locked in right now – I feel like the winning lineup on these big slates always has Harden in there. 3) Paul George has been ridiculous this season, I don’t know why I have it in my mind that this is too much to pay for him, because the numbers don’t support that. 4) Steph is Steph, nothing much to say at this point, might be tough for him to really pay off this price point with a blah early game matchup against Charlotte.

The Plays

PG John Wall $8K


Oh hey John Wall, welcome to the NBA season! After a very, very mediocre start (fantasy wise) this year, Wall finally broke out and dropped a 65 pointer last night – and guess who’s next up? The Lakers! On a back to back! Only issue here is the blowout factor – it’s a very real concern, and he’s coming off 41 minutes played, so there’s definitely some risk. Maybe at 9.5K I’d be scared off, but I think $8K is basically the bargain bin for a guy with this much talent and upside.

If the blowout factor scares you too much: Brandon Knight keeps getting it done, and Reggie Jackson is at a great price.

SG Jimmy Butler $7.7K


Last time I recommended Butler he let me down, but I’m firing him back up in a great great spot tonight. Denver stinks at guarding the 2, in fact they pretty much stink all around, and Jimmy Buckets is back to getting his 40 minutes a game. The biggest problem is he hasn’t been getting enough shots up to really hit his max value – but, as always, he keeps chipping in with every single other category to get you decent scores. If you can roll with him on a night that he puts it all together you’re looking at a monster score, and I thought it would be last time out, but I REALLY think it will be this time. 7.7K is just too good to pass up.

Other SG options: Really weak position tonight. If you’re not playing Jimmy I think you’re best option is to pay up for Harden. If you’re looking cheaper and don’t mind risk: Jordan Crawford and Jeremy Lamb (assuming Lin is out again) are great places to start.


SF Stanley Johnson $4K


Don’t look now but Stanley Johnson is finally making his presence felt in the NBA. After a real slow start and not much playing time, I actually snuck him into my lineup the other night and watched him drop 40 fantasy points at around 3% ownership. Awesome tournament play. The secret may be out now and I’m sure he’ll have more people on him, but for this price I love taking a shot on him tonight. Marcus Morris has a messed up back and might not play, which would put Stanley in the starting 5 and is obviously must-play territory. But even if he comes off the bench I like his upside – might even be better at keeping his % down. And considering that even if Morris plays they might take it easy on his minutes, everything’s looking up for big Stan tonight.

Other value options: Alex Len, but you probably won’t sneak up on anyone with him after his monster last night. Patrick Beverly has a great matchup and is rock solid, but doesn’t quite have tourney upside. And I hate playing guys on a Jason Kidd team, but if O.J. Mayo gets the minutes, he could be in a for a solid 30 pointer.


That’s it for me, good luck tonight. Tweet me @kmarkobarstool with your picks or to talk shit, whatever.