The Wizards couldn’t push their series against the Hawks to a Game 7, but it sure looked like they were about to, thanks to Paul Pierce … again.

The Truth buried this shot last night, which appeared to send the game to OT.

Of course, it was waived off because it came just barely after the buzzer, but it doesn’t make what Pierce did during this series any less amazing. The final four games of the series saw the ball in the hands of The Truth in the final seconds, taking the potential game winning/trying shot in each instance.

First, there was Game 3, when Pierce “called game” after banking in the game winner and giving Wiz a 2-1 series lead.

Then, Pierce then had the same opportunity in Game 4, but missed the shot this time to even the series. DeMarre Carroll falling at his ankles looked like it played a role in the shot rimming out (sorry for poor video quality).

In Game 5, Pierce rebounded from his glitch the previous game, to hit a cold blooded 3-pointer to give the Wiz the lead (before Al Horford won the game for Atlanta on the final possession).

And then there was Friday’s Game 6 shot, which was the most difficult of them all, and had the entire weight of the season on Pierce’s shoulders. Essentially, Pierce determined the outcome of the final four games of the series, shooting 3-for-4 with the game on the line (if you just count the ball going in the basket).

Pierce’s heroics weren’t enough, but it shows just how valuable he was to the Wizards’ run this postseason. Had they not been so unfortunate with the injury to John Wall’s wrist, this series would have been completely winnable for them (it already was, really).

Pierce has a big decision to make this offseason. But according to a sit down with ESPN earlier this season, he’s already decided that he’s going to play the final year of his contract out next season.

Wall and Bradley Beal are the head(s) of the snake when it comes to the Wizards attack. However, Washington tipped it’s hand when it comes to where they want the ball come crunch-time. D.C. needs Paul Pierce back next season.

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