Normally the NBA preseason was my favorite time of the year mostly because I got to see my main man THE RED MAMBA tear it up with reckless abandon (for 14 minutes). Now Brian Scalabrine is an announcer and I need a new favorite thing to like about the preseason. And as he usually never is, JR Smith is here to save the day!

Getting a pair of game worn shoes is no small feat and the best shot to do it is probably at preseason scrimmages. I wanna respect this lil Warriors fan for sticking to his guns but when you have the P-I-P-E standing in front of you it’s okay to sell out kid! JR Smith’s shoes are like Indiana Jones level artifacts, might even help out your dance moves too..




With his 30k Charity Swish earlier this week it looks like we’ve got a whole new humanitarian JR on our hands! Not sure what to do with it, JR or the hands, but I do know one of his teammates is in desperate need of some help.

Not with kicks or a new shooting stroke, nope Anderson Varejao just needs some help with straight up words.

Much like da P-I-P-E, Shaqtin’ A Fool isn’t for everyone…