John Calipari has been rumored to leap to the NBA oh, i don’t know, a thousand times this past year. Well, #1001 spawned today — as reports spread on the internet spread like wildfire that Calipari and Sacramento Kings Owner Vivek Ranadivé were in discussions for Coach Cal to essentially take over the Kings’ entire front office.

Calipari, like always, got all defensive when someone accuses him of playing the field… and announced to the world how much he loves being coach of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball program/isn’t going anywhere.

We hear ya, coach, seesh! We’ll be sure to remember that you said “I SWEAR I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THE KINGS JOB” when you take over for Phil Jackson in New York, because, it’s technically not a lie and i’m sure ‘Big Blue Nation’ will completely understand!