John Calipari is a great coach, but sometimes he takes us all for fools. We know that his “specialty” it getting his kids to the NBA, but I can’t stand when he uses that as an excuse for not winning.



Ok? Thanks for tweeting this out on a Thursday afternoon in May … I guess? Was there something that we needed cleared up? I still don’t buy any of this, but it’s a perfect example of what I don’t like about Coach Cal. 

"Don't worry, guys! We could still have seven players drafted, which is was more important than a championship!"
“Don’t worry, guys! We could still have seven players drafted, which is was more important than a championship!”

This is just a freaking excuse for not winning the National Championship with a team LOADED with NBA prospects! If you’re a Kentucky fan, do you read this and say to yourself, “Well, that makes me feel better about losing to Wisconsin. Our goal wasn’t to win it all, we just wanted to get eight players drafted.” It’s not like you can win AND get players into the NBA, right?

And guess what? The Wildcats have seven players in the draft so they’re going to fall short of their “goal” anyway (Alex refers to Alex Poythress who tore his ACL last season). And if you look at a website like, they only have five Kentucky players being drafted. Frankly, I disagree. I do think the Harrison twins will be drafted, and Big Blue Nation will have seven players taken, but don’t overlook what Cal wasn’t able to do with the Harrisons. 

Those were two top-5 prospects when they arrived in Lexington, and now there’s a chance that they might not be drafted? And that’s after TWO season’s under the great Calipari’s leadership. Getting Derrick Rose or Anthony Davis into the NBA after one season isn’t that tough … winning a title is (although it should be less difficult when you have the roster Calipari had) and that’s where Kentucky failed. Just admit it, you had seven NBA caliber prospects and couldn’t win it all with them …

I’m getting bored of the excuses. Entertain us and take the Pelicans head coaching job, Cal. Have a great day!

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