There aren’t many things that the cities of San Francisco and Oakland agree on, but, one thing they do share is their passion for their Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have been apart of Bay Area culture for almost half a century now, and there is nothing more that the citizens love more than the name and mascot of their beloved franchise.

What this presents is an opportunity for Jimmy Kimmel to do what Jimmy Kimmel does best: troll.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he decided to hire a couple of fake activists and/or actors to parade around the Oracle Arena parking lot and try to get tailgating fans to sign a petition to change the name of the franchise to something “Less violent”.

Here was the result…

Like, this would have been a really cute idea if done in a somewhat safe city … but, i’m only half-kidding when I say I’m legitimately surprised these two didn’t get shank’d. I think I speak for everyone when I say Oakland isn’t known as the “Bermuda” of the West Coast.

Anyways, if Kimmel wants to do this right and/or send these two to their certain death, he should buy them two tickets to a Raiders game in ‘The Black Hole’ section and promote a “Fans should have to abide by a business casual dress code/not be allowed to wear costumes to football games” petition — now THAT would be must-see-TV. If they survive, the two should be given their own reality series.

Now that I think about it … that is the greatest idea for a television show of all-time: what would you do for your own TV show? The contestant selects from a pool of dares/options with varying levels of danger. If you complete an easier one, you only get like a digital series/podcast. If you complete a legitimately life-threatening task, you get your own block on network television. Is a shot at fame worth your life? Find out tonight on DraftKingsTV at 10/9 Central! Look at me in the face and tell me that show wouldn’t pull Super Bowl ratings numbers….

I just realized this blog has gotten completely out-of-hand, so, i’ll do everyone a favor sign off now.