There’s probably a lot of people out there, including me, wondering how the hell Jeremy Lin crafted a NBA career for himself. He was a gritty do-it-all player for Harvard and obviously burst onto the scene during his LINSANITY Knicks run, but how the heck is he still hanging around in the Association?

I’m not saying he doesn’t have the talent.. I just don’t get how he’s bounced from team to team and been so well liked at each stop. Well now it all makes sense! He’s been learning the ways of BALLER life along the way and clearly it’s all come together for his new journey buzzing around Charlotte.

I LOL’d a lot more during this than I thought I would and pretty much feel like I know all the secrets to being a NBA player now. I’ll never know the Superstar life but I can deal with being the 6th-9th guy off the bench. Thanks to Jeremy for preparing me for…





I have to accept that some players might get more attention than me. Reminds me of the time I asked Melvin Ely (Bobcats @ Celtics game) for his shoes and he said no. Like dude, I’m the first person to ever say your name in a NBA arena. Give me the kicks!

Shout out to Melvin for still killing it on the Gunma Crane Thunders, which is a team in the Japanese basketball league. Did you know that existed? I sure didn’t!










From Russell Westbrook to D-Wade, fashion is CLEARLY a priority in today’s NBA. As Tyson taught Jeremy, the tighter the better. No argument there. I’m also pumped Kyle Korver finally admitted what I knew all along.

Shooting is literally all about long socks. Knew it.









That is TOUGH. Also why most of my pregame music is strictly 80’s Joel. Gonna have to get back in lab and work on this one bigtime.

Thanks for the head start J-Lin!










PS: MVP’s got jokes for days too! GET EM STEPH!!!