Jason Richardson was one of the sneakiest best showmen to ever play in the NBA. Most people only knew him in the early 2000’s from his Dunk Contest exploits, and that’s mainly because back then the Golden State Warriors were one of the worst teams in the Association. J-Rich did stick around long enough to be part of the #8 seed team that upset the #1 Dallas Mavericks and he’s always stayed very connected to the Bay Area fans.

Some people may look at him as just an average swingman but he was way more than that. No matter what team he switched too or how old those creaky knees got, somehow someway Richardson was still throwing down CRAZY slams even till the bitter end. Anybody that will do it for the squad AND do it for the Top 10 is a friend of mine..



And outside of Vince Carter/Michael Jordan/Dr. J there’s probably no other player who influenced the Dunk Contest more than J-Rich. The reason people think it sucks now is because we got treated to such absolute magic from 02-04, with Richardson winning two titles in a row.

Yeaaaa… I’d say he deserved it..



Farewell to a high flying legend, and mostly thanks for that play where he threw the ball off Carlos Boozer’s head and nailed a 3 immediately. NBA Street in real life is never a bad thing.