“Just like that, all of a sudden big ain’t so big no more. Small, ain’t so small, and with the flick of the wrist, the step-back three is the new dunk. Follow-through is the new poster, range is the new hang time. From the elbow to the rim, the threat now comes from everywhere. It’s a new age for the game, a new era of champions.”

The Chef Curry Hype Train has been on full blast for awhile now. Although I will say I can’t remember a MVP/Champion get less respect after he won it all than Steph. Granted it’s the type of disrespect he’s gotten since he was an “undersized shooting PG at Davidson” but what more does this guy gotta do to get some actual love?

Does he need to swish 3’s with actual flashbombs exploding all around him? Pretty sure that’d be no sweat..


And if slam poetry pipebomb commercials don’t tickle your NBA fancy don’t worry, there’s still some standard highlights too. Dunks, dribbles, and Chris Paul getting ejected for saying he’s got two kids of his own?

Wait what?

Paul George aka PG-13 is looking STRONG

CP3 gets in some nastiness before getting ejected

Zach LeVine still loves jumping really high

Blake is super thankful for the Preseason

CP3 gets his 2nd Technical of the night and is ejected, also thankful for the Preseason

PS: The Curry Two drops 10/24 and it is Chef FRESH