19 seasons, 6 teams, 1 dominant week… #SHAQWeek on @NBATV

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It is officially the biggest and most nicknamed week of the year… #ShaqWeek! NBA TV is playing the best of the best which in Shaq’s case means some of the best highlights to ever grace a NBA court. There’s probably only a handful of players out there who could have an entire week dedicated solely to them… but the Big Aristotle/Cactus/Shaqtus/Daddy/Dude is certainly one of them.

Look at all this hot fire they’re rolling out today!



Today’s #SHAQweek on @nbatv schedule!

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They’re really hitting the best of every Shaq era too, from High School breakaways..





To youngbuck Shaq putting HIMSELF on Shaqtin’ A Fool..





Could probably do an entire week dedicated solely to Shaq shattering backboards. Until then this 3 min Youtube will have to do..





Also this. (But where is the Kazaam marathon at doe?)