The Spurs are the best in the NBA at a couple of things:

  • Basketball
  • Trolling

#2 applies to many things, including but not limited to:

  • Popovich giving incredibly awkward interviews inbetween quarters
  • Popovich benching the entire team during big nationally-televised games
  • Kiss Cam

Wait, what? Yes, Kiss Cam! The Spurs’ Kiss Cam operator is an absolute savage, and wouldn’t let this poor couple off-the-hook from this excruciating moment during the Spurs’ home game vs. the Utah Jazz on Monday:

After watching this, you have to believe that this guy is unfortunately stuck in “The Friend Zone” — however SOURCES CONFIRM THERE WAS BREAKING NEWS ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

Spurs Kiss Cam copy

Tis the season — Love is in the air!!!

…sort of.