I love America, I really do.

For as much as we troll Shaq for mumbling, Charles Barkley being an idiot, and Kenny Smith’s shameless plugs … episodes of ‘Inside the NBA’ like last night are why we stay up until the wee hours of the night, and gladly deal with our eyes bleeding out of our faces at work the next morning.

In case you missed it, Shaq took a tumble at halftime. And by tumble, I mean “It’s going down, I’M YELLING TIMBER!!!”

Whether this was staged or not, the internet had an absolute field day putting Shaq on every meme ever published to the internet.


Anyways, moving on … May 6th was the highly-touted “Lip Sync Battle” that Ernie, Kenny, Shaq, and Charles all agreed to partake in — from about a month ago…

Boy did it not disappoint…

I legit thought Ernie was going to die on the set, as he was laughing so hard it appeared his abdominal muscles could no longer support his body.

I don’t think i’ve ever actually “ROFL’d” before, but, when Shaq’s pants fell down — I think I was pretty damn close to being there last night.

In the end: Kenny won with 33% of the total vote, and Charles Barkley came in last with 15%.

Thank you, TNT, for this truly memorable evening in network television history.