The only guarantees in life: Death, taxes, and ‘The Chuckster’ a.k.a. ‘Sir’ Charles Barkley making headlines with his mouth.

Usually, it takes him a couple of days/episodes of ‘Inside the NBA’ to get going with his masterful trolling and spew amazingly outlandish things into the microphone, but, last night: he was completely unfiltered from the word ‘Go’. Let’s relive it all below:

Charles subtweets his favorite victim: females who reside in the city of San Antonio

Chuck Sign

Then he guaranteed a certain team with low expectations will make the playoffs

And now for “Chuck After Dark”, the postgame show…

Will the Atlanta Hawks win the NBA Championship this year? Maybe. However, according to Barkley — they won’t even make the playoffs:

And finally, after the press conference: Klay Thompson absolutely ethered him in the locker room.

Klay Shirt

Needless to say, if you’re not watching ‘Inside the NBA’ — you need to change that immediately, because it is the best show on television and i’m not sure it’s close either…