An absolutely DEVASTATING development came to light from the Drew League this weekend, as we discovered that Nick “Swaggy P” Young’s right arm now HAS A TATTOO ON IT.



Why is this such a big issue? Well, you’ll remember that earlier this year: Swaggy declared his right arm tattoo free — it was “strictly for buckets”. The most glorious statement in pro sports history.

No matter what his reasoning for getting the ink (it appears to be of Tupac) embedded into his arm: the most sacred vow in professional basketball has been broken. Is Iggy ok with this? Did she make him do it? WHO CARES HOW JFK DIED OR IF BIGFOOT EXISTS, WE NEED ANSWERS AND WE NEED THEM NOW.

Meanwhile, this year at the Drew, Nick Young did what he was born to do: GOT FRIGGIN’ BUCKETS

Here are his two best highlights from the tournament: