It’s a well-known fact hip-hop superstar Drake lives and breathes for the city of Toronto or as he so frequently refers to as “The 6”.  Arguably one of the most valuable team ambassadors, the Raptors have embraced Drizzy and vice versa, especially in the recent years, given the team’s success.

A feud began in November when Drake tweeted at fellow artist/ DC Native, Wale with a picture of himself on the jumbrotron at game where the Raptors crushed the Wizards by 22.  And here we are, the Monday after the Raptors were swept by the Wizards in what was a shellacking of a series.  And who has the final laugh? Mr. Folarin of course.

Going into the series many thought the Raptors would have made some noise and gone on to the next round, but they barely even showed up.  The one stat that resonated most with me: over the four games, the Wizards passed the ball 219 more times than the Raptors.  That’s just laughable and clearly played in the Wizards’ and Wale’s favor.


Wale’s haymaker of an Instagram picture with the clever hashtags were next level.  My favorite, hands down “#RunningThroughTheDeuceWitMyWall” NEEDS to be trending ASAP.  Wale also countered Drake’s November tweet with a jumbotron shot of his own and it definitely took the cake.


Despite the tough ending to what was supposed to be a promising season, Drake’s commitment and hype skills should never be in question, posting this on Instagram earlier today:

All jokes aside, it’s great to see these influential artists represent their hometowns and teams with such passion.  If DK ever launches Fantasy Rap Battles, I will be the first to sign up. PS – Paul Pierce trolled Drake HARD after Washington completed their sweep:


And he also posted this picture on his Facebook page:


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