In case you missed it: the official Houston Rockets Twitter Account tweeted out the following message last night, right as the Rockets were on the verge of eliminating the Dallas Mavericks from the 2015 NBA Playoffs…



A little insensitive? Yeah, maybe.

May it be because the tweet was distasteful, alludes to animal cruelty (God, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation right now), and/or it’s not how the Houston Rickets franchise wants to be perceived — I understand why the team would want it deleted. The priority of the franchise, like any business out there, is to make money — thus, if they felt as though this tweet would paint them in to a light that simultaneously endangered their ability to do so: I get it. Delete the Tweet.

What I don’t agree with is what happened next…

They fired him. They friggin’ fired him.

I give up, I really do. We live in a world where Emojis are interpreted into real-life actions and carry equal repercussions as if Chad posted a NSFW screenshot of a real-life horse being euthanized.

Even worse, what this firing does is it sets precedence for all Sports Twitter Accounts and Social Media Managers that have ever attempted and/or had plans to trash-talk in the future. Who in their right mind would ever say something controversial now? The bar has been set at “Offensive Emoji” as grounds for Social Media termination.

To honor Chad Shank’s epic tweet, and resurrect the Golden Age of Sports Twitter Account Trash-Talking, I will now provide controversial, “Poor Taste” faux emoji tweets of what some NBA Playoff Teams should have sent to their first-round opponent, but, can’t … because of the Houston Rockets and #EMOJIGATE.

Capitals Fire

Capitals Fire


Capitals Fire

Capitals Fire






R.I.P. Fun Sports Twitter.