It’s no secret that Nick “Swaggy P” Young and Kobe Bryant aren’t the best of friends. Actually, that’s not fair to say because I don’t have a clue how close they are, but, the two are notorious for having HEATED 1-on-1 battles during practice:

which has caused collateral damage during real regular season games for the Lakers, as they not only rank dead last in the NBA in assists this season, but, in 3+ years with the franchise: Nick Young has never ONCE assisted Kobe Bryant EVER.

Coincidence? Maybe. Has Kobe been injured and sidelined during a majority of Swaggy’s Lakers tenure? Yeah, but, c’mon man: three years is LUDICROUS for two players who both play more than 20+ minutes per game and never have a SINGLE mutual assist between them both ways.

Anyways, with Kobe in full victory lap mode this season: IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!

It wasn’t a Sportscenter Top 10 play by any means, but, this moment in basketball history is truly an act of God.

Stockton & Malone: WATCH OUT! There’s a new tag team in town!