Every week, you see some video on the internet from some amateur ballers who are dunking their friggin faces off. The market is so diluted with this type of content, it takes something special … no, absurd to impress us.

Without further adieu, I present: Guy Dupuy and Jordan Kilganon — who put on a dunk battle for the ages, and thankfully recorded the whole thing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the NBA Dunk Contest needs to open a slot for the best amateur dunker so that they can compete against the best. All these guys like Guy and Jordan do is dunk all day, trying to perfect their craft to get recognition — so, look at me in the face and tell me you wouldn’t want to see Zach LaVine go up against these two dudes on a national TV stage. And if it’s not feasible to include the amateur in the actual dunk contest itself, i propose this: do the slam dunk contest like usual — and then put up the NBA champ vs. the Amateur champ in a 1-on-1 dunk off, the same way UEFA does the Champions League vs. Europa League Champion Super Cup.