Now that the Warriors-Celtics trade is finally official, Golden State has taken the high golden road and put together a nice farewell mix for David Lee. One of those guys that didn’t necessarily fill up the boxscore but had infinity value on the court for his leadership and toughness. It’s not easy getting a NBA Franchise to shake a losing culture but D-Lee was the foundation that did back in 2010. Bay Area would not have a NBA Finals Championship if he didn’t.

It’s something he can tell definitely his grandchildren… just like that time he got blocked by the Association MVP Chef Curry…


It’s easy to forget that before his legs got hurt/entire body fell apart D-Lee had some serious hops! Congrats to Trader Danny and the Celtics for picking up the 2001 Sprite Slam Jam Champion. 5th Playoff Spot in the East HERE WE COME!!!