The Drew League is one of the coolest basketball institutions you may have never heard of. It’s in South Central LA and commonly features NBA Superstars, College Freshman, and even the Crips n Bloods! During the NBA offseason players flock to the area and spend the summer putting on a show…although sometimes keeping it real goes wrong even for pro ballers. What up JR!



Baron Davis aka B-Diddy from the City co-directed the documentary  squeezing it in-between his Entourage/Joe Dirt 2 cameo. For many in the area The Drew has been a sanctuary of hope and somewhere everybody gets on equal terms to just enjoy life. Having someone like Kobe Bryant show up and drop 45 is just an added bonus.



PS: B-Diddy does not get enough credit for how baller of a baller he was. Still one of my favorite dunks ever. OG Oracle crazies baby!



The Drew premieres at the LA Film Festival June 13th