Only two Houses remain, and the Finals are now set. We are nearly at the end of the Road to the Throne, but there is still one more game to go. While we wait for our new champion and exalted ruler to reveal themselves tonight, let’s reflect on the Round 2 results which saw an incredibly impressive upset and some serious liquid courage from a very little man.

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DO YOU BELIEVE MIRACLES?!? No, but I do believe in magic, and that is sure to be the talk of the realm after the Starks pulled off the impossible and defeated the White Walkers on their home floor at Beyond The Wall Fieldhouse. As everyone expected the Night’s King ($11,200) came out looking for blood and was scoring seemingly at will in the post. Things looked bleak for the Direwolves heading into halftime, who were down by 12 despite fouling out the White Walkers two best rim protectors, Wight #568 ($3,000) and Wight #44 ($3,000). Team Coach/Captain/Manager/Waterboy, Jon Snow ($10,400) didn’t have his jumper going in the first half, but he did show some signs of life. Most importantly, Captain Snow decided they should switch up the uniforms after the first half, so the Direwolves came out in their signature alternate uniform, laced in Valyrian Steel.

With the much maligned Wight #359 ($3,000) now patrolling the paint and a newfound confidence thanks to their fully breathing leader, the Starks took it to the White Walkers every possession in the second half. The Night’s King was still getting his buckets, but the lack of chemistry between the Walker’s allowed the Starks to surge back by the end.

The game was tied at 99 with 3 seconds on the clock and the Starks inbounding at center court. Jon Snow took two dribbles and pump faked on the three point line, but the Night’s King just didn’t bite. This forced Snow to hesitate, and many in the stadium would tell you he got it off, after the buzzer. Thankfully all final results are verified/decided by Commissioner Littlefinger, so of course, the Starks advanced! No one is quite sure how Snow could even get that shot off with the Night’s King in his face, let alone see the basket, but my little birds may have the answer. There were many that saw Bran Stark ($3,000) deeply focused on the bench during that final possession. Was there treacherous magic afoot during that Round 2 match? We can only hope!


Ah the Lannister and the Targaryens ripping each other apart, a tale as old as time! This matchup had the outcome everyone expected, but it was a nice change of pace from the recent history we’ve all had to live with. The Dragons looked strong from the start with Daenerys Targaryen ($10,600) sinking every shot she took, likely drawing that aggression from the Lannisters repeated attempts to poison her Gatorade every season they play. It wasn’t enough to take the lead by halftime, however, and by some amount of dumb luck the Lions lead 61-59 at the break.

Then, the incredible happened. In an absolutely unprecedented move, Tyrion Lannister ($6,900) walked across the Great Halls at halftime and joined the other side, he became a Targaryen Dragon! IT WAS BEDLUM AT DAZNAK’S PIT, MY GOOD LORDS!!! When asked about his “betrayal” after the game, Tyrion had this to say:

“Refill this glass”

The Dragons truly looked like a force to be reckoned with in that second half and eventually blew the doors off the ill-fated Lannisters 120-94. Even if Drogon ($13,200) doesn’t return for the Finals, there’s no team hotter than the Dragons right now.


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