Who will come out on top in the deadliest first round of basketball the world has ever seen? Tweet your answer to @DraftKings and check the Playbook tomorrow morning for the scores and recap. The White Walkers and Targaryen Dragons are waiting…

Rejoice my lords and small folk from all lands! The Game has begun and the Road to the Throne is about to be littered with the souls and backboards of those who are not worthy. We have 2 matchups on the slate today, both with plenty of juice and tension. Will there be mischief afoot today? Oh, but certainly…

Game 1


Played at Winterfell Stadium

This is a matchup fraught with excitement and riddled in tension due to the vast history between these two houses. It’s no secret that the availability of Jon Snow ($10,400) will likely decide this outcome, but it may be the Krakens that have the real story here. Since reappearing in the Iron Islands, Theon Greyjoy ($7,200) has shown flashes of his former self and completely dominated to close out the regular season.

He was once the surest player in the league, and while it’s unknown what rattled that baller confidence, as of right now everything seems to be coming up Greyjoy. If the Krakens can keep Hodor ($4,700) off the boards, the Direwolves will certainly be staring down dire straits. One lone bright spot for the Starks is Lady Sansa ($6,200) has confirmed she will be in attendance, which should rile up that home crowd into a frenzy. Her decision surprised many, including one very interested season ticket holder in The Dreadfort.

Key Matchup

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.32.33 PM

Chase or Fade: Cersei Lannister

Game 2


Played at King’s Landing Court

Although it’s technically an “away” game for Margaery Tyrell ($9,300), there’s no doubt that there is an advantage for her playing in her (new) backyard. The Lions meanwhile, started off this year with their usual dominance and looked like a lock for another 60 win season. However, somewhere along the way something went horribly wrong, and the Lions ended their season on a 24 game losing streak. Some point to the ludicrous head-shaving actions of Cersei Lannister ($9,800), others say Tyrion Lannister ($6,900) and his bottomless flask are to blame, while everyone universally agrees that Jaime Lannister ($5,200) should ABSOLUTELY stop trying to shoot the ball.

Despite doing enough to earn a higher seed for this tournament, things look grim for the Lannisters today. They have internal discord that would make the Dothraki blush, and they still haven’t proven they can hit their free throws when it counts. The Golden Roses have shown superior teamwork and resolve all season, and they’ve shown they can get dirty in the paint when it counts. My little birds tell me this matchup will likely be decided off the court anyway, so keep your “SHAME” chants ready.

Key Matchup

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The Westeros Weather Report

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