The Road to the Throne has come to a close my fair lords and ladies of the realm. It was a road paved with hard fought buckets, questionable foul calls, and a level of deceit not seen in Westeros since Commissioner Stern was in charge. One last time let us review the battle that was, and let us praise our champion DT3 aka the former Khaleesi aka THE NEW RULER OF WESTEROS!!!

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Don’t let the score fool you, this one wasn’t even close. Had Daenerys Targaryen ($10,600) chose to play her starters in the second half instead of opening up her bench, this game may have been 220-94. It was nice to see lesser known players like Illyrio Mopatis ($3,200) get their time in the spotlight, and proof that DT3 could be the coach and ruler we all desperately need. I myself was utterly shocked when she beckoned me to enter the match, what use would she have for a useless man like me, Lord Varys ($3,100). It was a joy to do more than just provide information and stats, and it certainly helped that the Stark Direwolves were already completely exhausted from their historic upset against the White Walkers.

How did we attain such a large halftime lead my little birds? Well, I may not believe in saviors, but I certainly believe in unguardable beasts of talent. The ones that have a HUGE part to play on the team, and specifically the ones who can turn opponents into ashes and quite literally score at will. Of course I am speaking of Drogon ($13,200) who returned in the most glorious of ways. I credit the Starks for their bravery, despite its insane foolishness, and wish them a warm winter. Thank you to all the Houses for their vast wealth of entertainment and for making my Road to the Throne so very easy. Now excuse me my lords, I have some wine to chug with a very small man on a very uncomfortable throne. Spider OUT.

The new ruler of the Iron Throne