The Clippers are the odd team out when it comes to the top of the Western Conference. Things may look good on paper — sitting in fourth place with a trio of stars on the roster — But LAC clearly can’t contend with the likes of the Spurs or even the Thunder as they did last season, and let’s not even discuss the Warriors.

Now comes news of Blake Griffin’s broken right hand, which reportedly occurred by punching a member of the team’s equipment staff in the face at a restaurant (twice). Griffin hasn’t played since Christmas Day due to injury, but was set to return as early as this week. Aside from Griffin’s return going out the window (he’ll probably now miss at least another month), this just isn’t a good look for Blake or the team.

Which begs the question: Do the Clippers need to make a major move?

The Even Swap

Edlow Trade 2

Let’s be clear, Griffin is a more valuable asset than Love, but this is as close to an even trade as you’ll find. The Clippers decide to move on from Blake and bring in Love. Love helps spread the floor, but doesn’t need the ball as much as Griffin (or operate in the post as much). The load falls squarely on CP3 to run the show. The Cavs are in the right place at the right time. With a new coach looking to push the tempo (and LeBron in favor), they make the move to Blake who would be the perfect fit to run the floor with LBJ and Kyrie. This is a safe trade that couldn’t hurt either team much in the short-term or long-term.

The Risky Blockbuster

Edlow Trade 1

The craziness of this trade is I’m not sure whether I’d say yes or no to this trade if I’m either side. We could talk about this deal all day, but it comes down to the basics. If I’m the Clippers, I desperately want KD. But with him set to be a free agent this summer, there are no guarantees. Do you risk it without a commitment from Durant and go for it all? If I’m OKC, you just have to look yourself in the mirror and be honest. Is Durant going to re-sign or not? If the answer is no, you pull the trigger and bring in Blake — already a popular figure in town from his college days at Oklahoma. You have him paired with Westbrook for the next few years, putting the free agent drama in the rearview.

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