Martha, is that you!?

The Cleveland Cavaliers blew out the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday afternoon in OKC by a score of 115-92, and along the way, with the Cavs up by a few points in the first half, LeBron James did not agree with a call made by the officials — immediately, a pro-Thunder elderly woman fan sitting court side reacted was NOT pleased with LeBron’s attitude, demanding he “SUCK IT UP”

Well, he listened because Cleveland quickly built a 25+ point lead and everyone in the arena yelling at him/cheering suddenly became very quiet and/or went home early. Let this serve as a reminder to everyone who is in attendance at a game where your team is playing the Cavs: don’t piss off LeBron, it’s for your own good.

P.S. After the game, LeBron saw the video and posted this on Instagram WATCH YO HEAD GRANNY