NBA Live used to be one of my favorite video games ever, up until Denver Nuggets Melo graced the cover in 2005. Nothing personal against him the game just lost all it’s luster after that. For some reason, EA Sports simply stopped giving a heck about player faces and gameplay, so I swore it off forever.

Fast forward a decade later and IT’S STILL THE FRIGGIN SAME. Meanwhile NBA 2k has universally become what all the cool kids play these days so I’m not sure why EA tried to resurrect a sinking ship. Granted some of this stuff is from the demo and most rookies haven’t had their faces scanned yet… but how about you make your product NOT suck before telling people to buy it?


EA Sports… it is NOT in the game!




But maybe you’re not even a fan of the NBA and don’t know what any players look like. You just wanna get a video game where you can enjoy basketball the way Dr. James Naismith intended. Fundamentally…


Hustling On Defense




Using The Backboard To Your Advantage




Going Straight Up With Good Form When You Practice Shooting




Wearing Something Light To Leave Arms Unencumbered




ALWAYS Practice Your Free Throws No Matter The Hoop



NEVER Shoot With JR Smith Unless You’re Ready For An Adventure


And to top it all off, Ronny 2K (no one knows more about basketball video games than him) COMPLETELY ethered NBA Live when Rudy Gobert pleaded for justice on Twitter.

At least Madden 16 is cool though right?