This article breaks down NBA options for tonight by which five players are the best option for your lineup at each position. It will cross over multiple salary tiers and doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive players but rather the guys you want to target for your DraftKings lineups!


PGChris PaulLACCLE$9,800
PGReggie JacksonDETNO$7,300
PGJrue HolidayNODET$6,500
PGEmmanuel MudiayDENMEM$5,800
PGDennis SchroderATLSAC$5,100

Chris Paul – $9,800 There’s only 4 guys above $9k tonight and CP3 is one of them. Elite expense should bring back elite value as Blake Griffin is still out injured. The Cavaliers have given up 10.10 assists per game to Point Guards over the last 3 weeks (5th worst) and Paul is coming off a nice little 69 point effort against the Rockets. Also Kyrie TRULY couldn’t care less about playing defense.

Reggie Jackson – $7,300 New Orleans is middle of the pack against defending Point Guards but this is more about Jackson’s recent play. He’s been averaging 17 points, 8 assists, and 3 rebounds per game since the New Year and will be facing a weakened Pelicans backcourt with Eric Gordon out. I’ll definitely take a guy with a 23:2 assist/turnover ratio over the last 3 games instead of any man playing the Spurs. Enjoy the desert Brandon!

Jrue Holiday – $6,500 He’s had at least 9 assists in 4 straight games and will be starting with Eric Gordon out. Tyreke is so inconsistent while Holiday is pretty darn reliable. The Pistons have given up the 5th most points to Point Guards over the last 3 weeks, if Holiday plays 30 minutes he should reach 35+ fantasy points with ease.

Emmanuel Mudiay – $5,800 His turnovers absolutely stink but what do you expect from a NINETEEN YEAR OLD? Aside from Danilo he’s pretty much the Nuggets entire team and will play big minutes whether it’s a blowout or not. Memphis is especially stingy against Point Guards, especially with Mike Conley back from injury, so if Mudiay can get to 30 fantasy points that’d be a blessing. When in doubt, go with fast young players balling out in thin air (against old men).

Dennis Schroder – $5,100 Dennis gets the Jordan Clarkson special tonight… HE’S PLAYING THE KINGS! Despite only playing 20 minutes a game, Schroder has been more effective than Jeff Teague and doing it in different ways. The Kings allow the fastest pace and most 3 pointers made to opposing Point Guards, so even without garbage time Schroder should have a nein nein nein nice night.

Top 5 Shooting Guards

SGTyreke EvansNOATL$7,700
SGKentavious Caldwell-PopeDETATL$5,800
SGJ.J. RedickLACCLE$5,600
SGDevin BookerPHOSA$5,000
SGManu GinobiliSAPHO$4,500

Tyreke Evans – $7,700 No bones about it, Shooting Guards are absolute trash tonight. Tyreke is the best of the expensive boppers but that’s not saying much. He should have higher usage with Eric Gordon out but Jrue Holiday is cheaper and probably the better play. The Pistons give up the most rebounds and 3rd most assists to Shooting Guards so there is hope. The soreness in Evans’ knees won’t help with that though.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – $5,800 Kennnnnntaaaaaavious! KCP hucked up 9 three point attempts last night and is firmly entrenched in Stan Van’s rotation with 37 minutes per game. He’ll need a large scoring night to really hit value since he doesn’t hit the glass or distribute that much, but getting matched up with Tyreke should help that. Over the last 3 weeks the Pelicans have given up 22 points per game to Shooting Guards and that’s all the Pope needs to bless your lineup.

J.J. Redick – $5,600 Wowzers J.J. Redick actually became a reliable NBA player somehow? He won’t go 9-12 from 3 like he did against Houston but he will still get his shots. He’s 16-25 from 3 over the last 10 days and Blake still injured means Redick is riding shotgun on the CP3 Banana Boat. He may only average 2 assists/rebounds per game but there’s not many Shooting Guards on tonight’s slate that can hit five 3 pointers with ease. LET IT RAIN JJ!

Devin Booker – $5,000 The best Shooting Guard defense over the last 3 weeks? The San Antonio Spurs. The best fantasy point improvement over the last 3 weeks? Devin Booker. Somethings gotta give and it’ll likely mean the Spurs dominating but that could be beneficial for garbage time. Booker is going to get minutes regardless and may have rediscovered his 3 point stroke against the Pacers.

Manu Ginobili – $4,500 Tony Parker is sitting out and the Spurs are on the road, where Manu is more effective. He’s shooting 47% from 3 and 50% overall on the road and is playing a Suns team that gives up the 2nd most fantasy points to Shooting Guards. He’ll only play 20-25 minutes max but Manu racks up stats in bunches. Patty Mills is the flavor of the week but Manu might be a sneaky better option.

Top 5 Small Forwards

SFLeBron JamesCLELAC$9,700
SFKawhi LeonardSAPHO$8,300
SFRudy GaySACATL$6,800
SFMarcus MorrisDETNO$5,700
SFKent BazemoreDETNO$5,600

Lebron James – $9,700 LeBron is still doing King things but it’s kind of distressing to see him under 40 fantasy points so much lately. The Cavs as a whole are just really not sexy right now but James will always be the belle of the ball. The Clippers are especially stingy against Small Forwards and allow the 2nd slowest pace. He’s still a solid play though and should add a little extra since it’s a nationally televised game.

Kawhi Leonard – $8,300 The Spurs may only play their starters for 1 quarter, WHO KNOWS, but last time against the Suns Kawhi still played 29 minutes. Surprise surprise the Suns give up the 2nd most points to opposing Small Forwards and are playing without Eric Bledsoe. Leonard will have an easy night on defense (even though he doesn’t know what that is) but needs at least 20 points to really hit value. Luckily the Suns also give up the 2nd most rebounds/blocks to SF’s, so Leonard should have plenty of opportunities to rack em up.

Rudy Gay – $6,800 Only 16 points against the Lakers last night but Gay ended up with 44 fantasy points overall. Rajon Rondo has been an assist machine lately and that should only help Gay going forward. This game has the highest projected total despite both teams playing for the 2nd night in a row. The Kings are at home and riding a (historic) 3 game winning streak so it’s time to throw Rudy a bone.

Marcus Morris – $5,700 He’s not spectacular but he is pretty solid. The Pelicans are average against defending Small Forwards but the Pistons have played very well lately, especially Morris. He’s played at least 37 minutes in 4 straight games and is averaging 15 field goal attempts in that span. With Drummond constantly hacked he’s the #1 scoring option in a game with the second highest projected total. JUST DO IT.

Kent Bazemore – $5,600 Ah, a tale as old as time…. HE’S PLAYING THE KINGS! If that wasn’t the case I’m not sure I’d recommend him, as Bazemore has been SUPER erratic in January. He had 23/5/5 in his last game but had 2 points in the game before that. However over the last 10 days he’s hit 8-20 3 point attempts so maybe he is back in business? Everyone is gonna let it fly in this game and Bazemore’s 25+ minutes should help with that.

Top 5 Power Forwards

PFDeMarcus CousinsSACATL$10,600
PFPaul Millsap ATLSAC$8,200
PFLaMarcus AldridgeSAPHO$7,100
PFZach RandolphMEMDEN$6,400
PFKenneth Faried DENMEM$5,900

DeMarcus Cousins – $10,600 LONG LIVE BOOGIE! His stats over the last 10 days? 30 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block, and 6-12 from 3 point range…he is a walking videogame right now. It’d be nice if he wasn’t a threat to be ejected on a nightly basis but the Hawks do give up the 10th most fantasy points to Power Forwards. Horford/Millsap are tough on D but right now there is no defense for guarding George Karl’s #1 BFF.

Paul Millsap – $8,200 Nearly a double-double last night but still has 40+ fantasy points in back to back games. He’s also shooting 53% over his last 11 games and has become a more reliable scorer than Al Horford. The Kings give up the 5th most fantasy points to Power Forwards and this will likely be a Millsap Rock On Every Block vs Boogie Cuz kind of night. Get em both!

LaMarcus Aldridge – $7,100 He’s a big risk to play less than 25 minutes tonight but if he’s out there LA is still a double-double machine. The Spurs are just too good at the game of (team) basketball to rely on their players but Aldridge is averaging 25/11 in his last 4 games. The Suns stink, the Spurs don’t.

Zach Randolph – $6,400 Suddenly Zach Randolph isn’t such a sure thing, weird. He hasn’t cracked double digit rebounds or had more than 14 points in 4 straight games but Denver is here to the rescue. They give up the 2nd most fantasy points to Power Forwards and don’t have anyone in the middle to protect the rim. It is the lowest projected total of the night so even if Zach starts it may be a slow night in Mile High.

Kenneth Faried – $5,900 Faried is fast, young, and athletic. All things I want in a player playing in Denver against a slow Memphis team. His high energy will likely only net Points/Rebounds back but he is a nightly threat for a double-double, as evidenced by his 17/15 performance last night. I don’t expect the Nuggets to compete in this one which means lots of time for Faried to gobble up garbage boards and trash buckets. Those are a few of my favorite things.

Top 5 Centers

CAndre DrummondDETNO$8,800
CDeAndre JordanLACCLE$7,500
CTim Duncan SAPHO$5,400
COmer AsikNODET$3,400
CWillie Cauley-SteinSACATL$3,400

Andre Drummond – $8,800 13-36… FROM THE FREE THROW LINE! All those misses limited him to only 23 minutes but he still had 38 fantasy points. The Pelicans allow the 7th most rebounds and 4th most blocks to opposing Centers and Drummond has 59 rebounds in his last 4 games. Marc Gasol may get more shots up but Drummond dominating the glass is all but a guarantee.

DeAndre Jordan – $7,500 He followed up an illness by dropping 40 fantasy points against the Rockets and he’s likely salivating to play the Cavs. Kevin Love is a sieve and Mozgov doesn’t play enough to make an impact. DJ should pound the boards tonight and see a higher offensive role with Blake Griffin out. He’s put up at least 40 fantasy points in 5 of his last 6 games, the Cavaliers will make 6 of 7.

Tim Duncan – $5,400 Timmy is still doing Mr. Fundamental things and despite it being at a lesser level, he’s still really effective. He will likely play 25ish minutes and is getting about 10 field goal attempts per game. It’s not about scoring with Timmy, it’s the other categories he sprinkles in. Paying up at Center is probably the best idea but you never know when that old man magic is gonna show up.

Omer Asik – $3,400 Can you see me way out here, going out on a limb? Asik is terrible no doubt but at only $3400 he could actually be serviceable. The Pistons give up the 6th most fantasy points to Centers and allow the most blocks. He’s got an outside shot at a low double-double and having Anthony Davis out there with him is a huge help. It’s a lonely lonely limb out here.

Willie Cauley-Stein – $3,400 Ah I found another lonely limb on this giant unforgiving tree, perfect! I’m not expecting a double-double like he dropped last game but his minutes are progressively up and it’ll be a fast paced transition game. Trill can throw up stats (and alley oops) out of nowhere and seems to block more shots the less he plays? Karl loves Omri Casspi off the bench so Trill will likely continue to start.. the Kings are also 9-3 when Boogie/Trill start together. They should probably keep doing that.