The Warriors finished off a first-round sweep of the Pelicans in New Orleans on Saturday night. GSW capped off a dominant series with a 109-98 win in the finale. The scores of the games (besides the insanity that was Game 3) all sound closer than they really were.

Despite the series outcome, Anthony Davis was still able to dominate the Warriors
Despite the series outcome, Anthony Davis was still able to dominate the Warriors

This series was all about the Warriors. It was even more about how unstoppable Stephen Curry has become — as it should be when your team wins 4-0. But let’s not forget about how great Anthony Davis was on the other side in his first ever playoff series.

This is how the NBA works. Young superstars carry their teams into the playoffs, only to get the living hell beat out of them in the first round. It’s part of the growing process. At least Davis got the process started this year … the Thunder easily could have replaced his squad as the eight-seed if it weren’t for a buzzer beater that Davis hit to beat OKC earlier in the season.

Look no further than Curry, who after being bounced from the early rounds in his first two years in the postseason, is now leading the way for one of the title favorites. Here’s a tweet from our own World Wide Wob that breaks down what The Brow was able to do in his first four playoff games (along with a little prediction):
For some historical reference, here’s where that stands all time:
The bottom line is that AD just turned 22-years old last month … and somehow, he’s still probably going to keep getting better. This is for sure a future MVP, the real question is just how many will he win?

The Pelicans will continue to grow as Davis does — he’s certainly a draw to come and play alongside. In the long run, this brief playoff experience is only going to be the start of what is sure to be a dominant postseason career.

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